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Having always decorated outside for Christmas, just a static display of some kind in the past, I decided to progress further.  For Christmas 2006, I gave myself a welder, so in 2007 I started making my own lighted wireframes.
This website will be constantly changing as I build more display wireframes  and items for additional holidays, add photos, videos and music. 
Each "Holiday" section of this website contains photos, video and links unique to that holiday.
You may also phone us at 423-243-3180.  (or click below - for a free call
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But, just having new and more display items were not enough.  The lights needed to "do" something.  In 2007 I used 112 channels of Light-O-Rama computer control, now up to 480 channels for 2010.
This video is a portion of a presentation given in Charlotte,  NC in August 2010 at a gathering of other decorating enthusiasts where we meet for exchanging ideas, how-to, and just good friendly fellowship.
Instructions - enter your first name - and your telephone number - Google Voice will call you back, then call me and connect us together, all at no charge to you.
Tennessee Holidays will not have a Halloween or Christmas display for 2010 due to moving in the fall.   We will be back in 2011 with a new display in a new location.
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