Building Wireframes - Part 5 - Resources
DISCLAIMER - The information presented here is solely my opinion.  It is only one method of accomplishing the task, not the only way.  Please use all necessary safety precautions and equipment before attempting anything presented here.  I do not claim any special expertise nor do I consider myself as an expert.   You have been cautioned.
Premade Wireframes:
Excellent quality and custom designs - prelit frames use clips
Good quality - prelit frames use tape
Good quality - prelit frames use clips
Powder coated frames
Wireframe Light Clips:
3/16" 1/4" about $30 per thousand
1/4"  about $29 per thousand
1/4"  about $40 per thousand
Note:  As far as I can tell, all of these clips are the same.  I have ordered from both Betty's and Lori's as well as used clips from Colonnade. 
3/16"  1/4" for minis  also has clips for C7 and C9 bulbs  call for prices
about $35 per thousand - last I checked
All kinds of clips, 1/8" 3/16"1/4" not all styles listed on website.  Call for prices They have a "right angle" clip for about $40 per thousand item #625 Ask for Doris
Color Caps:
All of the vendors listed below I have met and/or seen/used their products.  In my experience service has been excellent and I'm proud to recommend them.
about $50 - $70 at most craft stores
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Metal Fabrication:
Cutoff Saw  item # 44829
Ring Roller  item # 36790
Rod Bender item # 31980 or # 44094
Angle Grinder  item # 95578
LED Lights