Building Wireframes - Part 2 - Painting
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DISCLAIMER - The information presented here is solely my opinion.  It is only one method of accomplishing the task, not the only way.  Please use all necessary safety precautions and equipment before attempting anything presented here.  I do not claim any special expertise nor do I consider myself as an expert.   You have been cautioned.
In Part 1 - Fabrication, instructions to start with a piece of straight steel rod and end up with a welded wireframe figure were presented.
Many wireframe companies will also sell you a "bare" frame, without lights for those that chose not to fabricate their own.
If you purchased your frame, it is probably painted white, and if you desire to use it as is, go on to Part 3 - Lighting.
OR -read on for an alternative to just a plain white frame.
I prefer to paint my frames, to match the color of the lights that will be in each section of the frame.  I like for my frames to look as good in the day as they do at night.  Just a personal preference, but it is a whole lot more work.
After priming the frame, I mask off and then paint the frame sections the same colors as the light bulbs will be for that section.  I usually use "cheap" enamel paint for this.
Structural parts of the frame that will not have lights, I paint black.  It makes that section disappear, day or night.
Go ahead and "jump" to the lighting section.  After we put the lights on, then we will discuss how I do the final painting.
Notice the bottom of Uncle Sam.   5 rods support the body, the 2 on the left are black.  The 3 on the right are blue with blue lights.  On the star, the short pieces connecting the different size stars are also painted black.