Building Wireframes - Part 4 - Final Paint
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DISCLAIMER - The information presented here is solely my opinion.  It is only one method of accomplishing the task, not the only way.  Please use all necessary safety precautions and equipment before attempting anything presented here.  I do not claim any special expertise nor do I consider myself as an expert.   You have been cautioned.
Now that you have have your lights on your colored frame,
UGH !!!!!   Green or white wire on a red or yellow frame, those  white wire clips staring back at you - Time to Fix That  !!
For this stage of painting, I only use Krylon Fusion for Plastic paint. I know that it will not damage the wire insulation (another brand of spray paint that I used once, the solvent dissolved the wire insulation - not good.  I'll pay a buck or so extra for the piece of mind I get from the Fusion for Plastic paint) 
If doing multiple colors, time to mask off for the first color.
To protect the bulbs from the spray paint, I use a "Bulb Painting Cover" that can usually be obtained locally - if you have a Hardees, Arbys, McDonald's etc restaurant.  A soda straw !
I cut pieces of the correct lengths to just slip over the bulbs to protect from the spray.  I use these over and over until they become so caked with paint spray, then just throw them away.
I also usually lay out some extras of the white clips and zip ties and spray them at the same time so I'll have matching colors in case repairs are needed in the future.  
Be careful when spraying, sometimes the propellant will blow a bulb cover off, I try to spray at side angles thoroughly coating the wire, bulb BASE, and clips, also recoating the exposed metal parts of the frame.
When dry, flip the frame over to spray the backside, being careful to replace any bulb covers that may have slipped off.  Also flip the extra clips and zip ties to finish painting them at this time.
If doing multiple colors, remask and repeat the previous steps.
When all the painting is finished and dry, remove the bulb covers - I toss them in an old coffee can to reuse on the next project.
A lot of work??  Yep, but I feel the end result to have a frame look as nice in the daylight as at night is worth the extra effort.