Lighting control of the display is accomplished using controllers made by Light-O-Rama, commonly referred to as LOR.  More info about LOR can be found HERE
Each controller will control 16 channels, or lighting circuits. For 2010 I have 30 contollers or 480 channels plus 2 Cosmic Color Ribbons each with 150 indivivually addressable tri-color LEDs yielding 2 million color possibilities each.
Some people keep their controllers in their garage running extension cords out to the display.  With 480 Channels, that would require over 500 extension cords, each one at least 100 feet long.  Not very practicle in my display.
I prefer to locate the controllers out in the display, so I can use shorter extension cords.   A variety of methods for mounting the controller are used.   Where possible, I try to incorporate the controller mounting into the display.

For example, I have six controllers mounted on two rolling stands that are 4 X 4 feet, plus the 10" wheels.   For the side facing the public, I made some wireframes to attach to the fronts.   A Christmas Cat and the classic Snoopy on his dog house.
This is the reverse view.  The "business" portion where the controllers are located.  The stand on the left has a removeable tilt / swivel platform for the lap top computer.  Needed to "tweak" the display sometimes.
That's six of the thirty controllers.   Another 12 are contained in "plastic free publication" type boxes that I rescued from a dumpster.  They are double walled, extremely weather resistant and very portable, even with 80 pounds of sand in their base.
The other  controllers at this time are in single weather resistant boxes and are placed at different locations in the display.
More Info to be added soon
My current inventory of LOR equipment includes:
Qty           Item
  1    LOR1602W      ShowTime Controller
  6   CTB - 16PC      Complete
  12   CTB - 16PC     Cards
  8   CMB-16D         DC Cards
  2   Mini Directors   w/ MP3 Player
  3   Easy Light Linkers
  1   USB-RS485  Communications Adapter
  1   USB-RS485B  w/ Booster
  1   RS485  Network Repeater
This page was last updated: August 29, 2010
  3    CTB - 16D      Cards
And finally, while not a LOR     product, I use the EDM LCD FM transmiiter to broadcast the show audio to the visitors cars FM radios.
  2   Cosmic Color Ribbins