This is not my original idea.   The original project was created and posted by David Moore of and can be found by clicking HERE  The page will open in a new window.
Like many things, it is necessary to adapt a project to suit your own circumstances, display and equipment.   David designed a terific DMX controlled prop, but at the time, I was not using DMX.  

So this modified design was for use with a LOR DC board, but with the flexibility to later convert to DMX control.
Are there other ways to do it ?  Of course there is !  This is just the method I chose, but feel free to take any ideas from here and modify to your hearts content.

Refer to the Resources page for a materials list and sources I purchased from
Part 1  Assembly of the Mega Balls Globes
Remember this is only the way I did this, it is not the only way
Step 1:  Preparation of the RGB Modules

The modules come in strings of varied lengths.  Start by cutting into lengths of 4 (David used 3, I chose to use 4)

Cut real close to the end of the 4th module, therefore leaving as much wire as possible at the beginning of the next module.   Stip the insulation off of the 4 wires on the first module

Glue the first module to the back of the second module.   I used some cheap general purpose glue from Big Lots that took about 10 minutes to dry - advantage - easy to slide around for the proper alignment as opposed to a quick drying super glue.

I used some boxes of office staples as weights to hold the modules in position while the glue dryed.

Glue the third module to the side of the other two and finally glue the 4th module to the other side.
Step 2:  Prepare the globe caps

David etched 3 very small slots in the caps each 1/3 distance around as a guide to where to drill the holes for securing to the globes.   The slots are small and really hard to see so I used a marker to highlight where to drill by making 3 dots.   Use a 1/8" drill bit.  Update:  Just received some more caps from David, and the drill points are much easier to see !    Thanks David !
Step 3:  Prepare the Cat5 cable

For my design using these balls with a 15 foot megatree, I chose to use black Cat5 cable in a 30 foot length.

Start by cutting 6 inches off of one end.   The short piece will be used later on the control module, so hold onto it.

Thread the Cat5 through the cap, and tie a knot.

Strip the Cat5 ends and solder and heat shrink to the RGB  modules.

For my purpose, I doubled the Cat5 wires, so orange and orange/white I connected to the Red wire of the RGB module.  Same with the Green and Blue pairs.   The Brown pair will carry the plus 12 volts. 

Using a zip tie through the holes in top of the modules and through the knot, will take up any wire slack and allow the modules to hang pretty much in the center of the globes
Step 4:  Assembly of the Globes

In my climate, condesation can be a real problem.  I dilled a 1/8 inch hole in the globe that will be the bottom when they are hanging.  While David suggested using hot glue to seal the area around where the Cat5 enters the cap, I skipped that step since I believe that any rain water getting into the globes will exit through the drip hole as well as letting any condensation drain out.

Push the cap onto the neck of the globe.  Using the hole that you predrilled in the cap as a guide, use the 1/8 inch drill and drill through the globe.  Go ahead and put the first screw in then drill the remaining two holes and insert the screws.
Completed RGB Megatree Megaball.