The Mighty Mini RGB led flood and wall washer was designed by Frank Kostyun.  In no way do I claim any credit for this design.      This HOW - TO will only illustrate the way that I implemeted the construction to suit my individual needs.

The "Resource" page has information and links to all the items I used, plus some alternatives.

The order of assembly presented here, is the way I did mine, as the various "bits and pieces" arrived.

The Mighty Mini is a flood lamp / wall washer that uses 52 1/2 watt 8 mm straw hat LEDs and outputs red, green, blue and white light  ( 16 red, 12 green, 12 blue and 12 white )
The LED has an MCD of around 100,000 , and has a viewing angle of 140 degrees,

The display head is made from a modified 150 /200 watt halogen flood / work light.

Cat5 cable is used to connect the the flood head to the controller card, for ease of setup.

Each flood head uses 4 channels of a low voltage controller card powered by a 24 volt DC power supply.  Each channel draws 200 ma of current and all 4 channels when fully on consumes 25 watts.

A wide assortment of low voltage cards can be used;

Commercial cards include the CMD-16D from Light-O-Rama and the DCx16 from D-Light.

DIY cards include the Ren 24LV, DC SSR, DLA MR16 or DMX DC cards.
The printed circuit board  is a double sided PCB and is available from Frank  and a kit of the LEDs, resistors and the 5.08 mm screw terminals is available from c-leds

The Resources page has links for everything needed except for misc hardware and the standard cat5 cable.

OK, enough with the chit-chat, it's time to get started.
Photo Credit - Frank Kostyun

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This is Frank's test video as posted on his website