The creators web site   
Where to order the PCB     $ 5.00
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Prepackaged kit of LEDs, resistors, & terminal strips  $39.95
The Power Supply I used   $14.95
Another source  $19.00
Light-O-Rama  low voltage controller  $119.95
A nice case for the controller board and power supply   $10.07
Weather proof RJ45 connector   that I used   $4.15 each
Lowes single housing   $9.98
Cooper Lighting
Castle Wholesale   $7.03
Lowes dual head housing  also available in bronze finish    $19.95
Now that you've got your parts all ordered, it's time to start building !
D-Light  low voltage controller  $99.00
Do It Yourself Christmas forum
DiyLightAnimation forum
A handy LED tester  $8.95