The flood light housings referenced on the Resources page are the ones the mounting holes on the printed circuit board are designed to match up with.    I did find a 200 watt work light at Big Lots for about the same price and with the same internal dimensions and spacing of the mounting holes
While waiting on the printed circuit boards to arrive, I started preparing the the lamp housings.
I started by removing the lens/cover and removing the halogen bulb (if preinstalled)
The Big Lots lamp also included a spring clamp, hanginging hook, and a ground stake
Next, remove the one screw holding the reflector in place, remove and discard the reflector as it will not be used.
Two screws at the back of the housing hold the halogen bulb sockets, remove and discard the "guts"
With the housing from Lowes,, I drilled a 7/16 inch hole and inserted a groment and the RJ45-ECS weatherproof connector
This is the unit I found at Big Lots for $10.00
This concludes the modifications and prep to the lamp housing.   Now on to installing the LEDs on the printed
circuit board
If you are using the Big Lots work lamp, strip the "guts" out same as for the Lowes housing.

I then spray painted the housing black, since I didn't really care for the yellow for this application.

After removing the AC power cord, I just reused the same wiring path for the cat5 cable into the housing