My initial order of the parts kit from was for 4 kits.   The second order of four more kits I placed later.

16 Red 100 mA Straw Hat LEDs
12 Green 100 mA Straw Hat LEDs
12 Blue 100 mA Straw Hat LEDs
6 Cool White 100 mA Straw Hat LEDs
6 Warm White 100 mA Straw Hat LEDs

2  100 ohm 1 watt resistors
6    56 ohm 1 watt resistors

4 X 2 Pin Screw Terminals

Show are the baggies for the four kits I received.  Each kit contains the necessary parts for one flood head.
When you receive the LEDs, I strongly suggest testing each LED prior to soldering them to the printed circuit board.    The LEDs are warranted by the supplier, if returned in the same conditioned as received (meaning before they are soldered to the printed circuit board)

Some of my friends have reported that some of the LEDs were mismarked as to the Anode and Cathode leads.    They can still be used, however the orientation will need to be reversed when installing them.   Hmm, another good reason to check them in advance.
I listed a commercial LED tester on the resources page, but it isn't really necessary.  but it sure is handy!
For the red LEDs, they are designed to work on 2.0 - 2.5 volts.  You can just use a  1.5 volt AA  or button battery.  Of course the LED will be   dimmer then normal.   All of the other LEds are designed for a voltage of 3.0 to 3.5 volts.   I had an old 3 volt DC wall wart in my junk box that worked to also test these, or you could use a 3 volt button battery
With all the LEDs tested and verified, time to warm up the solder station and enjoy the wonderful smell of flux on the printed circuit board !
Note:   The resistor values  in the kit from CeCe's are different then the ones originally specified.   After the first round of Mighty Mini's were built in 2009, many were reporting LED failures.. CeCe pulled the kit of LEDs and resistors from their site, and recalculated the correct resistor values for their LEDs.

They will only ship the 100 ohm and 56 ohm resistors.